“The Biosphere”
Tableware for Low-Tech Lab Experiment The Biosphere in Mexico, Baja California, 2022

A collection of tableware, developed in collaboration with the Low-Tech Lab Association, which will be used in their latest experiment The Biosphere in Baja California, Mexico, during the autumn and winter season 2022. The Biosphere is a temporary 60m2 settlement structure where Corentin and Caroline from Low-Tech Lab will live by means of around 30 different low-tech skills and technologies. Designed as an ecosystem in which waste materials become resources, it produces from just 60m2 enough proteins, vitamins and minerals to sustain 2 people at a cost of less than 1 euro a day. This tableware project for „The Biosphere” aims to lead to a futuristic and desirable lifestyle concept, based on the conviction that humans can live on the planet in a healthy and sustainable way in harmony with their environment. To celebrate the core values of Low-Tech Lab, the concept for these vessels is inspired by the shape of a human hand. It serves as a symbol for preserving and cooperating with nature. This tableware is designed for eating both with and from hands. Together with Low-Tech Lab, we believe that this is the future of eating. The vessels were made according to the size of the hands of the two people participating in the experiment – Caroline and Corentin. The four different sizes of the dishes fulfil the requirement to serve different consistencies of food, and their stacking ability solves the need to save space during transport on a sailing-boat. In this experiment, these vessels will be used to serve locally grown plant products, grasshoppers and other foods.